Business Checking


We provide a complete line of checking options!

Regular Checking

Minimum Opening Balance    $50.00
Minimum balance required to avoid service charge  $200.00
Monthly Service Charge    $5.00
if at any time during the statement period the balance falls below $200.00
Statement Period: Monthly


Ready Reserve

"It covers your checks whenever needed"


Advantages of Ready Reserve

Ready Reserve permits you to borrow in excess of your account balance. You simply write checks up to your established credit limit. Anytime. Anywhere. For any purpose, including cash. With this flexibility and freedom, you can be your own banker. Since you write your own loans using your regular, personal checks, you make your loans in utmost confidence. After your Ready Reserve application is approved, there is no charge for the service until you use it. This means you have the satisfaction of knowing your Ready Reserve funds are always available if and when you need them


With Ready Reserve no visit to the bank is necessary

When you need credit simply write a check and deposits in multiples of $25.00 are automatically placed in your account to cover your checks, up to the maximum amount of your approved credit. No visit to the bank or loan application is necessary.


Ready Reserve helps you:

  • Meet emergencies requiring immediate cash.
  • Take advantage of buying opportunities.
  • Produce instant funds for vacations and other purposes, which otherwise might require separate bank loans.
  • Avoid the embarrassment and cost of accidentally overdrawing your account.

Subject to credit approval


Maintain your minimum balance to insure free checking service